Harness Panty

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With 10 adjustable points ( waist, hip, bum and thigh) you can create your own custom fit so you can get on with dancing freely & confidently.

The elastic is soft and spongy on the inside with a luxurious satin sheen on the outside bringing timeless glamour to your pole wardrobe.

Each fastener is secure with double stitching to keep you held in feeling safe to dance your heart out.

Make a statement, own the floor, the pole and your own space in the sexy, comfortable harness panty!

4 adjustable sizes;

Extra Small: 

Waist: 53-65cm (21-25'')

Hip: 81-93cm (32-36'')

Thigh: 40-50cm (16-19'')


Waist: 66-78cm (26-30'')

Hip: 94-105cm (37-41'')

Thigh: 51-60cm (20-23'')


Waist: 79-90cm (31-35'')

Hips: 106-118com (42-46'')

Thigh: 61-70cm (24-27'')


Waist: 91-103cm (36-40'')

Hips: 119-130cm (47-51'')

Thigh: 71-80cm (28-31'')

Pricing is for the Harness Panty, bikini bottoms and Harness Garter are not included but are a great match if you wanted to ad them to your order.