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The Best Grip used by the Best!

One of the best hand grips that I’ve tried and it’s worked! No matter how sweaty your hands get this little bottle will give your hands the power to support you on the pole.

No more sliding down the pole whilst your halfway through a routine, no more falls, no more embarrassing moments where you look at your hands and wonder, ‘what’s wrong with them’?! 

The formula is one of a kind and you won’t be left with a residue instead you’ll be left at the top of the pole because your grip will be strong, stable and in control!

You’ll be empowered with this little bottle, it really will give your hands the power to support your dance and the best thing is, it won’t dry your hands out!

PLUS  it’s tested only on humans ✨

directions for use:

1. Wash your hands

2. Apply small drop of Griptinite

3. Air dry 

Then dance your heart out 💫